Chapter 5: Fate of three nations

His one decision would change the fate of three nations, and with it, the destiny of the whole world. What could have perhaps escalated into a nuclear war wiping out a third of the world's population was wisely changed into a practice in democracy. 

Rahul Gandhi was to address the Indian Parliament at an emergency session and at the same time address his nation as well. He had earlier called President Williams and told her that his country would fully cooperate with the US and the UN but that he would be expecting major concessions and aid from her in other areas such as technology and science, to which she had readily agreed. He had warned her that this decision will first be brought up in the parliament and has to pass through both the houses. President Williams had concurred but responded by saying that she was already aware that he had persuaded most of his parliamentary committe to back him when it comes to vote on the bill in the parliament.

Most congress Members of Parliament who had been opposed to the UN resolution had been personally phoned by Rahul Gandhi to vote with the party. Indian hereditary politics allows for little dissension with the party leaders and all were reigned in. Therefore, there was little doubt what the PM would announce prior to the vote in the Indian lower house of parliament, and what the outcome of the vote would be. The Congress had a clear two thirds majority in the Parliament and the left leaning parties like the Communist Party had already declared their decision of supporting the UN resolution. The BJP and its allies were not going to concede so easily.

Predicting a victory in both houses of parliament, the PM had earlier directed his Home Minister to start pulling troops off the streets of Kashmir, and immediately send them to Jammu where they would assist in the removal of the BJP and Shiv Sena vandals. Kashmir had never witnessed such a swift turnaround of events. Almost immediately people could see thousands of Indian paramilitary troops, the CRPF, huddle all their belongings and head for the Srinagar-Jammu highway. 

In contrast to the sombre mood in Jammu, Kashmir was already celebrating.